Jennifer Roberts Images

Memorial - For Robert and Rosemary, Gloria and John

I was surprised to realise how little I knew of the experience of my parents during the second world war. Fact and family stories were confused into myth. Already, in a single generation, the truth was constructed, imagined, flexible. So I began to recreate a personal memorial for that time. The intention began on a broad scale, looking at historical details, then how a particular version of the history is contructed and commemorated, and in particular how “heritage” is used as a memorial. However the two strands represented here are more personal. One is the selection of images of things seen (and photographed) that evoke in me a sense of something dark, lost and monumental. Another is photographs taken of inherited family mementos that hold a meaning not fully understood but which I believe to have been significant, if only because they were kept. Images 1 and 2 were selected for exhibition at the 2012 Summer Crossing Lines Exhibition at the Linear Gallery in Greenwich in July. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge and scroll through gallery.